I just received a phone call from the lovely Maitresse Renee of DFW. She runs an amazing FemDom immersion event called True Desires and invited me to be one of the lovely Ladies dominating male submissives throughout the weekend!

The next True Desires event will be September 13th-16th. For a bit more information regarding this event go to http://www.maitresserenee.com/FemDom_Party_7AB8.html A website with even more information is forthcoming! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on how you can potentially sign up and be a part of this event. Contact Maitresse Renee for more details.

Hopefully I will see some of you there...and don't forget to mention Domina Natalya Sadici sent you!

Domina Natalya Sadici, Goddess Cheyenne, and Mistress Alexandra Sadista team up once again to put a slut through his cock sucking paces! After being stripped of his "boy clothes" charliehorse is put into more feminine attire. Panties, a dress, and heels make this slut into a little housewife. The Ladies make use of "her" mouth, instruct "her" on how to put a condom on a cock using only "her" mouth, and humiliate "her". There is great banter between the Ladies in this clip! 

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The photo above is from a session back in December. Domina Irene Boss visited Chicago and one of my regulars decided to take the plunge to see both of us. Bondage and CBT were the themes of that particular session. We tied him up, pierced his balls, and hooked him up to multiple electrical boxes. The piercings we did as well as his more permanent piercings were fair game for shocks and vibrations. I remember making sure he waited in the car for a bit to come down before we went to have sushi together. From the photo it is obvious I am having a blast! The energy exchanged was truly something I will never forget.

So, why bring this up now? Well, my previous post included a piercing video that included electricity as well. I thoroughly love CBT! Over the next few weeks I'm going to highlight in this blog specifically why I love the activities I include in my videos.

CBT can cover so much ground. Whether it's punching, kicking, slapping, piercing, using electricity, crushers, weights, scratching and more I enjoy it all. So, I love this activity because it can be so diverse and incorporate just about anything. I can do a multiple hour session using just my hands and feet. I can find things from seemingly "vanilla" stores to use in sessions. Yes, my meat pounder and electric toothbrush have come out on a few occasions. (Of course the electric toothbrush is only used for CBT and not ever in my mouth!) To some, the tightest CBB is the end all and be all...though I think it's an excellent beginning.

CBT can be used for control. The first thing which comes to mind is chastity and the great pains some of my subjects have endured during longer sentences. Chastity in and of itself can have volumes written on it, but I will describe some of the pains my submissives have reported. One of my charges was locked in a Ms. Lori's Tube. If you're not familiar, this device requires a genital piercing. The device incorporates the piercing to firmly hold you in. Any stirrings are quite painful. This reminded my charge of his place and who had control over him...constantly. Of course there is also the release part. Having another charge utilize Biofreeze as lubricant for his release was a shock to him. He could not release and therefore was put back into chastity. In this case he had the psychological torment of not being able to release as well as the physical anguish. He was a begging and pleading mess that promised nearly anything in exchange for his sentence to be ended. Control the orgasm...control the man.

CBT can be used to feminize. Now this is something I hope to experiment with more. I want nothing more than to suture a male's bits to make them look like a pussy. Repeated kicks to the balls have also been followed by a certain explanation and question. "Many women have to endure almost a week each month of harsh cramping. You want to be more feminine, don't you? Then endure!" The ritual of piercing followed by bleeding can also be a male's "menstruation".

Besides suturing, I hope to add more electrical devices to my collection. The Eros Tek 312 is currently on my wishlist. I have played with other Dominas who have this device and can't wait to have my own! I have a particular male in mind who I'd love to introduce the concept of forced orgasms. Stay tuned to my store for more CBT videos!

Domina Natalya Sadici binds the super masochist on top of the cage with hemp rope. She tells him she's about to pierce his cock using 14 gauge needles without surgical lube! After violating his flesh with 5 piercings Domina Natalya grabs the violet wand to subject him to some electro torture. She runs the violet wand up and down the piercings tormenting his most sensitive bits! The super masochist squirms, but Domina Natalya barely gives him a reprieve...she then turns up the violet wand to intensify the scene. This clip contains great close ups of piercing and electricity. 

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In part 2 of Bound and Exposed the greedy little slut gets exactly what he was hoping for. Goddess Cheyenne, Mistress Alexandra Sadista, and Domina Natalya Sadici take turns stuffing the slut's mouth and ass! The slut has a hard time doing two things at once-sucking cock and taking a dildo in his ass-so he must endure some cock slapping, cropping, and spanking while being thoroughly stuffed! 

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The following clip has just been added to my clips4sale store: Bound and Exposed Domina Natalya Sadici, Goddess Cheyenne, and Mistress Alexandra Sadista join forces to teach a greedy little slut a lesson! He thinks he can just waltz into Goddess Cheyenne's opulent dungeon and get fucked in the ass as he pleases. The Ladies decide to amuse themselves first. The greedy little slut is bound, spanked, kicked, has his balls tied up, and is face fucked first before his hole is used. Stay tuned for part 2! To watch a preview, purchase this clip and more go to http://clips4sale.com/studio/30362 today!

I will be attending DomCon LA as one of the Mistresses of Ceremonies May 16th-21st! This is a fabulous event to meet fellow kinksters from all over the country and even the world. For more information on this fine event, go to www.domconla.com There are still a few slots left for sessions. I strongly urge you to reserve your time with me ASAP. Send email inquiries to MistressNatalya@gmail.com and check out my website for what I get into www.natalyasadici.net. Hopefully I will see some of you there!

The following clip has just been added to my clips4sale store: slave j's lesson part 2 Domina Natalya Sadici flips slave j around to work over his ass and back. She informs him she won't be any easier on him. Domina Natalya uses two different types of floggers on him to bring the redness and marks up before making him endure a dragon tail whip. As slave j grips the chains tighter and dances, Domina Natalya Sadici lets out her sadistic laugh! Close up shots reveal slave j's well worked over ass! To watch a preview, purchase this clip and more go to http://clips4sale.com/studio/30362 today!

Domina Natalya Sadici confronts slave j with his misdeeds. He's been mouthing off and asking for specific requests. Domina Natalya shackles slave j's arms overhead, ties up his balls to his ankles, and tells him she will do whatever she wishes with him. After applying nipple clamps Domina Natalya flogs them off and proceeds to deliver a flogging to his chest, thighs, and balls! Once slave j is a lovely shade of red, Domina Natalya takes out a dragon tail whip and works the front of him over. From a long shot you can see the bruises popping up! His lesson is not over at the conclusion of this segment. Stay tuned for part 2!

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I just post the following clip in my clips4sale store:

Luring sarge
As Domina Natalya Sadici walks down an alley of Chicago, sarge whistles and cat calls her. He wrongly assumes that she needs a man to accompany her through the neighborhood. Domina Natalya repays his snarky comment with a quick knee to the balls! Doubling over sarge is shocked but decides to accompany Domina Natalya to a more, "fun" place. He has no idea what he's getting himself into! She forces him into a latex catsuit and binds him to a gyno table in the dungeon. While taunting him Domina Natalya ties up his cock and balls, slaps, crops, and uses a sharp device to teach him a lesson he won't forget!

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Here is a photo of Goddess Cheyenne of Atlanta, Mistress Alexandra Sadista, myself and a slave.

I want to send a whole-hearted thank you to corwin of Atlanta! He made my and Mistress Alexandra Sadista's trip to Atlanta not only possible, but extremely enjoyable in every way!

To recap...we flew into Atlanta on a Thursday afternoon. Mistress Alexandra and I were greeted by corwin at the airport. He had arranged a limo to pick us up and take us to the hotel. The hotel was stunning! Mistress Alexandra and I ended up staying in the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta. After a leisurely meal and a cocktail, we had massages at the Bliss spa. My massage was soothing and intense due to having an old shoulder injury. The body worker really knew how to help increase my range of motion without taking me to a painful place. After the massages, we ended up meeting some close friends for drinks.

Friday proved to be a busy but amazing day as well. Later on in the evening we ended up going to a fabulous wine tasting at the Vineyard. Saturday was full of shopping, manicures, pedicures, and more time with local friends. Sunday and Monday were filled with play time and a late night flight back to Chicago.

Once Mistress Alexandra and I returned to Chicago, corwin was not far behind. He ended up coming to visit us in Chicago to help us with our video projects and see the sights. We were both treated to more shopping trips...and I received the very generous gift of an ipad! I can now take this item off of my wishlist...finally! There's nothing quite like the generosity and manners of a southern man. I am one lucky Domina and look forward to more adventures with Mistress Alexandra, Goddess Cheyenne, and corwin.